Strictly minerals has added a new, monthly bargain page as part of the remodel of their store.  For the initial bargain page, FOSSIL FISH are being offered for sale.  DIPLOMYSTUS DENTATUS, KNIGHTIA EOCAENA are the main items.  Especially interesting are two displays of Knightia Eocaena mass mortality fish.  When the conditions were just right in these shallow lakes, in what is now Wyoming, hundreds/thousands of these little fish died at one time and were deposited in the silt bottom of the lake.  Everything went just right in the fossilization process to produce these wonderful displays of fish!  Take a look at some of these fish, I think you will be fascinated by the detail and quality of the displays.  Remember, these fish are 50 million years old in geologic time. is the store site.  Thanks for your interest.


STRICTYLYMINERALS.COM, seller of fine minerals, fossils, rocks, is undergoing a complete remodel of their webstore.  A “NEW MENU” listing all items for easier and faster searching for the item you want!  “ONE CLICK” for viewing all items in a catagory!  New “ACRYLIC DISPLAY STANDS” menu to fit your needs, and at very reasonable prices!  “NEW ITEMS” and additional products being entered weekly!  As the store is updated, items may not appear that were there before.  All items should be back on line within a few days.  Check back, or contact us at ORDERS@STRICTLYMINERALS.COM for any mineral, fossil, meteorite, or special item you might want.  Our inventory is quite extensive and many items are not listed at this time.  Sorry for any delays or confusion while we rebuild the store.  I am sure the new store will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and interesting.

Green Malachite Specimen


This specimen of Malachite was formed by solutions of carbonite of copper that were deposited in layers.  The “eyes” are caused by the twisting and unevenness of the layers. As this extra solid Malachite is polished, the eyes really become apparent by the cutting of the layers   Malachite has always been known for metaphysical properties it possesses.  The Chakra is the fourth Chakra, the Heart.  Malachite picks up negative energies from the body and the area around you and opens your Heart to love. It also helps rid your dreams of nightmares. If you are into the metaphysics, this is an example.  If not, then this specimen is a wonderful display piece of the mineral Malachite.  I think this would be a perfect addition to you home or office, and the price is right for you! This particular Malachite is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Africa.  The link will take you to my store,, so you can view more of these BEAUTIFUL GREEN MALACHITE treasures.

Mondo Nautilus

32.22N – 111.04W

The Nautilus family is a champion in the longevity department.  Fossils of some genera of these animals date from the Devonian Period and there are still a few alive today!
This nautilus was likely the top predator in the reef community it lived in during the Mid-Cretaceous Period Tethys Sea surrounding the island continent Madagascar as it was separating from Africa to the west and India to the east..

Nautilis Fossil

Cymatoceras - Nautilus

This is an exceptional large, heavy, Nautilus that agrees in all respects with Maurice Collignon’s original 1949 description of Cymatoceras sakalavum.  Shipping weight of this magnificent Nautilus specimen will be about 9 pounds.  Family Cymatoceratidae is the most common  Cretaceous nautilus.  They lived from the Middle Jurassic through the Oligocene.
This exceptional specimen is for sale in the Manzanita Lab on-line store.

Arizona Desert Rat